Bowl with the Birds XIII


Friday December 5th, 2014, 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Playdrome Bowling & Entertainment Center, 1536 Kings Hwy N Cherry Hill, NJ




Meet, greet, eat, and bowl with Jeremy Maclin and other members of the Philadelphia Eagles. Proceeds from the event will support the Vetri Foundation for Children. The Vetri Foundation for Children helps kids experience the connection between healthy eating and healthy living.

Bowl with the Birds began in 2001. Celebrating our 13th year, the event provides a rare opportunity for Philadelphia Eagles Fans to meet, greet, eat, and bowl with members of the Eagles. The event has been a great success and has helped to raise money for the Jeremiah Trotter Foundation, The Brian Mitchell Foundation, West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Young Variety, All Hands Working Charity, and now the Vetri Foundation for Children.

Tickets can be purchased here. For more information, visit

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